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Rhythm 'n Roots Ninigret RI Sept 4-6

Buffalo Jambalaya Flintstones Ball Aug. 8

Buffalo Jambalaya Fri. Fait DoDo Aug. 7

GrassRoots Festival July 16-19

 1st Ulster Festival June 12-14

Strawberry Park Festival June 4-8

Dwight Carrier at K of C Catonsville March 20

Mardi Gras in SW Louisiana (Videos coming later)

Rosie at Madam's Organ January 31 (video)

Rosie Ledet at Remington's February 1 (video)

Review of Rosie Show by Ken Leiner

Zydeco New Year 2009 Lawtell (video)

New Year at Fred's Lounge, Mamou, La (Video)

New Year Celebrations in Lafayette (Photos)


Glen Echo Ranger Stan Reassign Document

Dusk-Free Xmas Tree Walk December 17 (video)

Mitchell's Cajun Aces at Gwyneed Meeting House December 13

Willis Prudhomme & Redline Zydeco at TK December 12

Cupid Shuffle at TK (Video)

Cypress Trio & Jam at New Deal Cafe November 26

Holly Marshall's Birthday November 21

How-loween B'Day with Mitchell's Cajun Aces at TK Oct. 31

 Festivals Acadiens et Creoles October 11 & 12

BJ Volunteer Party Chez Eric September 27

Savoy-Ducet at Kennedy Center, September 6

Rhythm & Roots, Ninigret, RI August 28-31

Buffalo Jambalaya Sunday, August 10

Buffalo Jambalaya Fri. & Sat.

Buffalo Jambalaya Thursday August 7

Diki Du at Chomskys' August 2

Brave Combo at Surf Club July 30

Geno at TK Club July 25

Steve Riley at Wakefield Elem. & Mary Ellen's July 19th

Arn & Gerry's Danceathon July 12 & 13

Roy at the TK Club July 11

Roy at Last Dance at Catonsville July 3

Dexter Ardoin at Surf Club June 27

Caldwell Solstice June 21

Roy w/ Skeeter at the Surf Club June 14

Crawfish Festival May 30 - June 1 (by Linda Bruce)

Strawberry Park Festival June 5-8

Curly Taylor at Surf Club May 23

Leroy Thomas at Surf Club May 16

Gator by the Bay May 9-11

Andre Thierry at Glen Echo April 6

Squeeze Bayou at Los Arrieros April 3

Caldwell's Spring 2008 Party (b/w & color)

St. Petersburg Crawfish Festival March

Last Gig February 26

Dennis Stroughmatt at Surf Club February 24

Rosie at Surf Club February 7

Geno January 11

New Year's Weekend 2008 NO & Lafayette Dance Venues

New Year's Weekend 2008 Hospitality Room


Caldwell's Winter Solstice Party Dec. 22

Squeeze Bayou & Oklahoma Twisters Dec. 21

Dikki Du at the Surf Club December 15

Dikki Du at Catonsville December 1

Last, Last Zydeco Dance with Leroy at Surf Club Nov. 10

Rosie Ledet at Glen Echo Sept. 15

Curley Taylor at the Surf Club Sept. 14

Rhythm and Roots, Ninigret, RI September

Jeffrey Broussard at Surf Club August 23

Buffalo Jambalaya August

Roy & Leroy at Surf Club July 13

Roy at Catonsville July 3

Lil' Malcolm at Surf Club June 29


Geno at Kennedy Center Open House September 16

Roy Carrier at Relay March 3


Dexter Ardoin at Surf Club November 11

Dexter Ardoin at Catonsville November 6

Leroy Thomas at Tom's October 23

Alex's Oriental Noodles recipe

Andre at Surf Club June 6

Lil'Anne Chez Tom June 5

Ft. Lauderdale Festival May


Andre Thierry at Surf Club March 27

Dikki at Taliano's March 11

Nathan at the Surf Club Feb 29

Geno at Catonsville Feb 26

Geno at Birchmere Feb 23

Leroy Thomas at Taliano's Feb 18

Roy Carrier's Birthday in Arbutus, Md. Feb. 11

Andre Thierry at Relay Sept. 21

Roy Carrier at Bonnie's July 3

Buffalo Jamalaya 2003

Leroy Thomas at Boulevard Deli June 12

Swamp Romp 2003 and Dusk's Gospel Breakfast

Li'l Anne and the Hot Cayenne at Tom's Barn May 31

Jerome Baptiste at Taliano's May 29

T. Broussard and Zydeco Steppers & Creole Zydeco Farmers May 21 & 22

Roy Carrier at Surf Club May 16

Ft. Lauderdale Cajun-Zydeco Festival 2003

Malcolm and the Zydeco Night Rockers Surf Club April 25

Roy Carrier at Catonsville March 1


Andres Theirry at Latela's October 29

Dikki Du at Latella's September 19

Rosie Ledet at Surf Club August 11

Keith Frank Boulevard Deli July 17

Keith Frank Catonsville July 16

Roy Carrier Chez Bonnie July 3

Willis Prudhomme Chez Louise June 21

Buffalo Jamalaya June 13-16

Leroy's Doubleheader June 9

Andre & Leroy at Latela's June 5

Swamp Romp and Andre at Copeland's June 1 & 2

2002 Fort Lauderdale Cajun-Zydeco Festival May 10th - 12th

Canecutters at Surf Club Apr. 21

Dave gets Down with Dikki Apr. 19

Savoir Faire at Surf Club Apr. 18

Dikki Du at Latella's Apr. 17

Nathan and the Cha Chas at Surf Club Apr. 14

Dikki Du at Buolevard Cafe Apr, 11

Squeeze Bayou at Spanish Ballroom Mar. 24

Leroy Thomas Cat's Eye & Calif. Inn Mar. 3

Leroy Thomas at Jaxx Mar. 1

Leroy Thomas at Boulevard Cafe Feb. 28

Leroy Thomas Chez Louise Feb. 27

Riverdale Ramblers at Glen Echo Feb. 24

Lil' Malcolm at Lewie's Feb. 22

Savoir Faire at the Surf Club Feb. 21

Junkyard Saints at Taliano's Feb. 10

Geno Delafose Birthday at Birchmere Feb. 6

Geno Delafose Catonsville Feb. 1

Lil' Pooke at Taliano's Jan 27

Lil' Pookie at Chez Louise Jan. 15

Lil' Pookie & Zydeco Heartbreakers Jan. 13

Jan. 1, 2002 SWLA

Buffalo Jamalaya

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