Rosie Takes It Higher


Ken Leiner


On Saturday night at Remingtons, Rosie Ledet delivered the best Zydeco performance Iíve experienced in many years.  The club was full. The dance floor was hot and packed with great dancers. Rosie reached deep down to sing and play her heart out. The backup singers added great harmony. The tight knit band played with a really strong dance groove in every song.  This was the best band Iíve ever heard Rosie play with. Lilí Malcolm Walker on rub board. Percy Walker Jr. on drums. Andre Nizzari on lead guitar. Pernell Babineaux on bass, and for the last 45 minutes, Scott Newman on sax. Not since Beau Jocque at the Twist & Shout do I remember a club filled to fire marshal capacity. Many people were turned away at the door. Some waited downstairs at the Karaoke Lounge and got in later for part of the show. If you got in Iím sure it was worth the wait. I hope Rosie plays some more with this band. What a memorable occasion!

February 3, 2009



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