Monument Run 2002

July 4, 2002

5th Annual Run

 What: Washington-area runners zoom by dozens of monuments during their runs on the mall and in nearby parks. Every so often they say to themselves or partners “I wonder what that monument’s about?” To find out, join us for the fourth year of an approximately six mile run from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol.  We will stop at all the monuments along the way to hear what they memorialize from a team of experts. Very easy pace. A number of people enjoy the opportunity to run with people from different clubs and at varied paces. This year there’ll prizes for the three best 1-minute lectures.

Parking: Lots of parking on Rock Creek Parkway in back of Lincoln

When: July 4th 2002 7:00 AM at the east entrance to the Lincoln Memorial (you can see Abe)

 Who: All Washington-area runners and visitors – everyone is invited.

 Pace: Slow. All paces welcome.

 Cost: Naaw – bring some cold watermelon or ice pops to share if you can.

 Prizes for the three best lectures.

 Parking: Lots of parking on Rock Creek Parkway in back of Lincoln

 Do send email to if you think you’ll join us.

 See for some of the monuments along the way.


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